Since its creation back in February 2005, YouTube has become the largest video sharing platform on the internet. This service has proceeded to change the lifestyles of many people around the globe. People can now learn how to do things easily just by typing some few keywords on YouTube’s search bar.

Get Subscribers On Youtube

YouTube has also created a new profession. People are earning money through creating and sharing their videos.

To achieve something substantial on this platform, what everybody needs is subscribers. Recently, YouTube announced that they will not be displaying ads on channels with less than 10,000 views and you you buy real subscribers on Youtube to get these views. It is very important you follow these steps because this is what is going to make a difference.

This stresses how important the number of views a channel gets is important. The best thing you can do for your company is buy Youtube subscribers and that is a fact.

The question remains, how do you optimize your videos and attract thousands of views?

This article intends to solve this by offering actionable advice that will work for any channel.


The title is the first thing you create immediately you upload a video. Titles can make or break your videos. The qualities that will make sure that your videos become successful include:

i)The title has to be descriptive.

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This means that anyone who looks at the title must be able to determine what the video is about. This will allow any interested viewer to know whether they want to watch the video or not.

Don’t be too excited about your video such that you forget about how important the title is. You need real Youtube subscribers to achieve this.

A title like AWESOME! on a video that is actually awesome will not attract as much views as a video titled AWESOME! CHECK THESE AMAZING ACROBATS.

The only difference between the two titles is that the second title is descriptive.

ii)Use keywords

These are the words that a YouTube user will type on the search bar to find videos. What you need to do is conduct a simple research and find out the keywords that people who want to view a video like the one you have created will use.

Select the highly probable words and use these in your title.

iii)Make sure that it is not too long

An ideal title for a video should be around sixty characters. Longer titles will work against your video.

2)Optimize the description that you use on your video

YouTube allows up to a maximum of a thousand characters on a video description. But, when you finally click the publish button, YouTube displays only one hundred characters to potential video viewers.

This tells you that you need to make maximum use of those first 100 characters. By maximum use, it means that you have to put all the important information there. This should be the information which will attract potential viewers and and turn them into actual viewers.

3)Be creative with your tags

These not only tell your viewers what your video is all about, but also help YouTube understand your video.

In order to make sure that you win at creating these tags, once again, you have to do a keyword research.

Ask yourself, what will my potential viewers be searching for?

Use those words as tags.

4)Make sure that the thumbnail you use is entertaining

Once a potential viewer performs a search, he or she gets the results of videos in a single page. The first thing that will attract the viewer’s eyes is the thumbnail.

They will even ignore your title and description. Remember images are more appealing than text.

In order to make sure that the person is drawn to your video the thumbnail must be creative and entertaining. That way, the potential viewer will be interested in knowing what is in the video.

5)Share your videos on social media especially google plus

This is something that is not new. What you probably did not know is that you need to share your videos on google plus more.

Google search engine which owns Google+ is known to favor social media content that is shared through it’s social network.

This can boost your views when this giant search engine drives traffic to your channel.

Also, since other social media networks have billions of potential viewers, it will also help in boosting your channel.

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CONCLUSION For Youtube Subscriber Getting

YouTube has an upload rate of three hundred hours of video each and every minute. This is the competition you will be facing. To arise above everyone else and establish yourself on this platform, something has to be done. The above tips will help you achieve your goals.